Friday, 25 November 2011

A ordinary day in "the place to have sun"

Laura Tedeschi, Oil on Canvas - Rivapiana, lungolago

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Less thinking and more painting

Laura Tedeschi - View of Lake Maggiore

... at least be content, being happy is only for stupid people

Friday, 18 November 2011

Collecting: romance or speculation? Here's the most expansive photograph in the world

Rhein II, by artist Andreas Gursky.

I don't want absolutely discuss about the quality of the photos of Andreas Gursky.
This Photo is perfect for me, here there is no doubt and I don't want to discuss his work.
I just want to try to understand the reason... well I wonder which spirit has moved the anonymous person that, at the Christie's auction last week, won the photo of Andreas Gursky, Rhein II, for the record-breaking of $4.34 million beating Cindy Sherman's selfshot (1981) sold for $3.89 million in 2011 and beating all price records achieved so far.

This anonymous is a romantic or a speculative mind? And yet, the true collector is driven by economic interest or by personal romance? Or it is simply a publicity maneuver?
I really don't know.
There are several types of arts collectors: those who identify with the artist and live his achievements as if they were their own, transforming them into real promoters of the artists who have bought, there are those who sponsor galleries or direct them in person, and other participating actively in the auction, ensuring that the achievements are their favorite record, or otherwise not remain unsold. Then there are the speculators who buy real view of the short or even very short period. They treat artworks as if they were buying shares of a diversified portfolio of works, including some artists are consolidated and a stable return, and some are emerging artists, whose performance increased risk is offset, in theory , the yields of the first. This mechanism is the same that happens in the stock market with junk bonds.

Luca Arnaudo said:
"That art is a rigged market. Because the pricing depends on arbitrary rules so that if traders sell stocks in this sector, rather than works, they would all be in jail for fraud or insider trading"

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wellcome in my new place

“... I would like, if possible, to move to Ticino. It is best suited for my work, and I must think of my work, for I have been thrust away from it for so long.”
So wrote Hans Purrmann, famous german Painter, (Speyer 1880 - Montagola 1966) and great master of colours.
Hans Purrmann chose as place to live the Swiss canton Ticino, as well as his friend Hermann Hesse who said about this place:
"Here the sun is more intense and warmer, the mountains are redder, here grow chestnuts, grapes, almonds and figs. The people are good, well-mannered and friendly ..."

Well, I have chosen the same, and now I'm here in the Swiss canton Ticino in Locarno between lake and mountains, rivers, waterfalls and golden sunsets ,  as I like to define "the place to have sun".

Locarno - Lago Maggiore, October 2011
In balance - Lago Maggiore, november 2011

PS: I postponed the publication of my book, my moving me totally busy and then you know that the relocation is always an earthquake for the soul, for better or for worse, then it is right to follow the heart.
I set up my new studio and I hope to publish it later this year or early next year at most.
I set up my new studio and started to work at new paintings and at the book, I hope to publish it later this year or early next year at most.

Hans Purrmann and Hermann Hesse in Ticino