Monday, 31 January 2011

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner experimented the new way of expression of that time; the photography

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was the most important figure that changed my vision of expression.
His work has had a great influence in my life and the way I have to express my self.

Kirchner, expression of depression, the evil of life, fragility or maybe just depth, too many questions about himself, about life, art, war, persecution, the getaways, Kirchner seriously ill, Kirchner crazy, Kirchner the drug addict, Kirchner also, someone has suggested, some sneak a pedophile.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner has experimented even the photography, the new way of expression of that time, and we can see how well his photos are full and soaked in expressive power and introspective, introspection that he gave to all his subjects.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Selfportrait

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Lina Franziska Fehrmann (Fränzi was Marcella's sister) 1910  

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Fränzi und Peter Fehrmann 1910

  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner -  Haus auf dem Wildboden, Davos, Frauenkirch, about 1924 

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Portrait of a young woman (Nele van de Velde?) 1920 

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Urseli Hunger (Davos Frauenkirch 1920)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Shepherds in the Stafelalp (Davos about 1919)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - View from Wildboden to Davos (1924)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Selfportrait

Monday, 24 January 2011

Some new paintings of Gianni Tedeschi

These are some new paintings of my dad, which I photographed in his studio last month,
during my visit to Italy.
These are all Venice's views of him.

Paintings of Gianni Tedeschi

The painter Gianni Tedeschi in his studio in Asiago

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Powerful Vienna - Graben, Ring and Opera House

Paintings of Laura Tedeschi

Vienna - Graben 

Vienna - Ring and Opera House

Monday, 17 January 2011

Momo Luna Signals in Vienna Woods

What better than a magical and mysterious woods as location for the works of Monica Croese?

For me the world of Monica MOMO LUNA SIGNALS It's magic, his works can bring me back to fairy tales, witches and wizards...

Thank you so much Monica.

A very original idea by Monica are the wooden blocks from her paintings to be assembled to create our own world with her, and her postcards are so original to send to friends...

MOMO LUNA SIGNALS in Vienna Wood - Shots of Laura Tedeschi

SILENT ECHOES it's her new published Book

Monday, 10 January 2011

Closed and silent

Dear friends, I realize that during the period I was away, I missed a lot of news in your blog, I'm really sorry for have not read "live" such important news of you, who are my friends, in yours blogs.
I've been away from Vienna and I had a period of introversion and reflection, so many thoughts, so many troubles, so many memories, so many dreams ...

Then I confess that I was never been a big fan of Christmas or New Year's Eve ... I know I'm complicated

Well, but I hope sincerely that this year will be, for all of us, a year full of artistic inspiration that is, finally, our air and our bread, I hope there will be good healthy for all, and that our problems, our fears, our dreams lead us to understand more and more how beautiful life is, and the importance of small smiles, of small happiness from every day, as enjoy a little weak and pale grass that creeps in to the dry and died grass to help to revive the visual, musics and smelling spectacle, that we called spring...

I embrace you all and thank you for your encouragement and your neighborhood.
I apologize, even, I've been quiet lately ... closed and silent on my own,
I'm sure, who better than you can understand me...

From my picture diary - January 8, 2011 - Ascona

Cari amici, leggendovi mi accorgo che, durante il periodo nel quale sono stata via, mi sono persa molte novitá nei vostri blog, mi dispiace davvero di non aver letto "in diretta" le cose pubblicate da voi (che siete i miei amici) nei vostri blog.
Sono stata via da Vienna e ho avuto un periodo di introversione e riflessione, tanti pensieri, tanti ricordi, tanti sogni...

Spero che quest'anno sia un anno pieno di ispirazione artistica che é, alla fine, la nostra aria e il nostro pane, che ci sia sempre la salute, e che i nostri problemi, le nostre paure, i nostri sogni ci portino a capire smepre piú quanto la vita sia bella, e quanto sia importante sorridere delle piccole felicitá di ogni giorno, come gioire di un debole e pallido filo d'erba che si insinua nell'erba secca per contribuire a fare rinascere quello splendido spettacolo che noi chiamiamo primavera...

Vi abbraccio tutti e vi ringrazio per il vostro incoraggiamento e la vostra vicinanza.