Thursday, 29 December 2011

About soul - Loving Expressionism

A sequence of visions of human soul: the doubt, hanging by a thread, on the border.

Paintings are by Laura Tedeschi

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

About loss

Loss by Laura Tedeschi

Panic by Laura Tedeschi

Monday, 19 December 2011

A Listening Thing by William Michaelian

“All night, into the morning and here it is one o’clock in the afternoon and I’m still sitting here in my underwear, bleary eyed in quiet awe of this book.”

This book is William Michaelian’s powerful first novel, A Listening Thing. In it, Stephen Monroe, a romantic misfit and underground man, is no one’s hero. But his intensely personal narrative rings true on a vast social scale, and his quiet life of desperation is a clear indictment of a culture that has lost its way. Noted for its dignity and humor, A Listening Thing does more than shed light on our human predicament. It goes to the heart of love and teaches us how to live.

The text in this special edition is identical to that published online by the author in 2003 after it was examined and corrected. It replaces the unauthorized version distributed to the book trade in bound un- corrected galley proofs in 2002, which were later sold online at collectible prices. Extra materials from the original unpublished and online editions of the novel are included for the record. The author’s Preface, Afterword, and revealing in-depth Interview are new, and here published for the first time. Extra materials from the original unpublished and online editions of the novel are included for the record. The author’s Preface, Afterword, and in-depth Interview are new, and here published for the first time.

A Listening Thing by William Michaelian

Friday, 16 December 2011

Speaking silence, everything else is boring

Laura Tedeschi - Oil on Canvas - Everything else is boring

 Laura Tedeschi - Oil on Canvas - About child

Laura Tedeschi - Oil on Canvas - About girl

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Just thinking

Interrogative - Oil on canvas by Laura Tedeschi

No, it's not easy for anyone to tell something, there are those who studied for years and those who allow themselves to go on intuition, but the effort of telling, whether played on the keys of a piano, or wrote on a white paper, or break down on a block of clay or leaves the tubes of color, are needed determination and intuition. It takes strength, the strength of a knight who throws himself wildly galloping against the current. How tired I have got, how convoluted body and soul behind the empty white canvas, but in most cases to bring out only the shadow of an inspiration, but holy god I did not think so !!!!! Good will, together with mediocre results, is still worse, a glimpse of the potential is one orribile thing. It's as, if the teacher at school had said your mother: 'the boy engage himself, but he can not apply'.  All attempts at pretending to myself that I made something beautiful... it's always like this, the thrill is short .. already after a short time, my attempt appears to me very poor (so that I can see in this all my fear, I can see me as a teenager in the little town where I grew up, I can see me walking on the streets without ease, with my satchel in my hand, dreaming of being courageous and hoping to not meet anyone because my shyness prevented me from socializing like everyone else, I see myself as child running away from the villagers who might ask me questions). Well, why I'm always trying to express my self in this way? Well, maybe is the old habit of wasting time with people who, perhaps love us and tell them all, but you can not deny that this is very pathetic, with the hope that one day even the positions of this forms could be proud to show their uneasiness.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Gabriella Mirollo - Studies in Contrast


Gabriella Mirollo, a photographer who speaks in the art's language of the exploring her own ego. With her book "Studies in Contrast" we must imagine her as a poet-photographer who wellcomes us in her studio, where the images leaning against the walls, are looking at you from every side. These speak for itself, but even more than others, are speaking her deeper emotions which are present in all his work.
Gabriella redesigned in front of you, according to his criteria of values​​, all the past of its history and make you well imagine his conception of photography, interrelated with emotions and life, which belongs only to her and therefore is opposed, in a totally natural way, to the poetry of other photographers.

Now you have the feeling to come down, full of wonder, in the hold of our own story now you're deciding where the future is taking shape, where the past become future, including disputes, struggles and conflict.

The great gift of Gabriella resides in the effort and desire, in the inner need, that every single image takes to get as close as possible to her specificity, to her essence, this is also the essence of art itself. Art does not exist to record, as a large mirror, all the ups and downs, changes and endless repetition of history. Gabriella Mirollo with her book "Studies in Contrast" is telling us that art is not a choir following the march of our history. Art exists to create their own story.

Gabriella Mirollo is a poet and photographer originally from Manhattan and now living in Vermont. "Studies in Contrast" is a project that emerged from a January 2011 blog post called “Face the Enemy"

Friday, 2 December 2011

Melancholy, spice of life

Laura Tedeschi - Lungolago