Wednesday, 16 October 2013

"I NATT" The EBOOK of Alberto Oliver

When sensitivity, skill and commitment meet each other, it comes out marvelous works.
The love and the bond with a city that "wraps" him with heart, becoming his best friend.
Stockholm lived and seen through Alberto Oliver emotions.
Personally "I NATT" has given me great emotions, the emotion that is unleashed with an atmosphere, a light, a color, which gave me a sense of immensity and made me feel alive and not alone in this world.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lights and trees

In the last time my work it's based at first on trees and landscape, I try to reproduce the melancholy and romanticism of landscape that I loved and I love

Laura Tedeschi - Prima neve oil on canvas, Suisse 2012

Sunday, 24 February 2013

I know I'm damn impulsive but if I where not like this I would not be me

To change idea is not bad, and you have shown me so much affection that I have the new resolution.

Well I confess you that to close Nouvelles Couleurs was a decision taken on impulse and really after deleting I began to miss this little corner of world.
Lot of you has let me know how Nouvelles Couleurs was a nice place, for many a place to talk about life, for other a place where taken inspiration, and even for other to read about other painter and other artist.
Well after thinking and thinking about, I realize that to delete 3 years of passionate posting taht gave me lot of satisfation and gave me the opportunity to know beautifull persons as you would be a real shame, so hier it's my resolution

This blog goes on!

I know I'm damn impulsive but if I where not like this I would not be me

Laura Tedeschi's Paintings

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Olive grove in the shadow

Last year on end of september and begin october i have had the great fortune to be again in my dream land Provence, here I find great inspiration as ever... the salty sea's smell mixed with pungent and acrid vegetation mediterranean's smell it's for me a explosive cocktail the biggest inspiration.

Laura Tedeschi, Oliveto in penombra - Oil on Canvas