Sunday, 28 November 2010

Vânia Crissant's "life is made of details" the known drawer of remembers

To browse Vânia Crissant's book "Life is made of details" is how to open that known drawer, that each of us has, the drawer filled, over the years with those objects wich, for some strange reason, we never decided to throw away, and to not separate us from those objects, we have placed in that drawer, almost to be sure of being able to reopen at any time and relive some memories.
Then happens that we don't open it for years and a day, with the intention of putting in place the drawer
and... heart sank!

In Vânia Crissant's book, I found remembers thanks moment that Crissant has so good stopped in time, and my feeling was like to open that known drawer...

Yes life is made of details, and "live is made of details" is simply beautifull

Crissant was born in Brasil, but actually lives in Spain, where dedicates to photography and audio-visual productions.

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Crissant said...

(sorry....i needed to scream)

I can´t believe it!!!
No, i´m dreaming!!!
Be supported by a amazing artist is a gift.
Laura, i am so happy to see it!! :)
My book close to your´s part of me enjoying your wonderful work.
I´m really touched!
I want to scream again...ahahaha

Thank you, pretty Laura.
Receive a sweet hug.

(sorry again)

woman said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh ich liebe CRISSANT´s Work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ein wundervoller Post, liebe Laura ♥ Ein Feuerwerk !!!


Poetic Artist said...

Thanks for sharing about this artist.

Carina Felice.Fotografías. said...

Im so happy!
For the Cris's book and for Laura's support!Love you both, girls, you know that! :)



Bitch said...

Oh, well... couldn't make it better!
Laura and Crissant the both artist's so close together..

Crissant, I can hear your screaming,
I can only say the same:
love you both, girls!


Momo Luna said...

Oh what a wonderful post sweet Laura! I love your art a lot ánd i love Crissants work also a lot. To see them now together, united (your photo's are wonderful, it connects your art with Crissants photo's so nicely) is just great.

Ha! i can hear you scream as well Crissant, ;-)

Sweet greetz and xoxo

Caio Fern said...

The beautiful Crissant's book with your great paintings ... this post is Historic . It is already a classic !


kisses mia bellissima Laura .

Rosemildo Sales Furtado said...

Oi Laura! É muito gratificante passar aqui e encontrar essa combinação perfeita: os teus belos quadros e o livro da minha conterrânea Crissant. Ambas estão de parabéns.

Beijos e ótima semana pra todos.


Anthony Duce said...

Thank you for sharing. The glimpse of what is hiding behind in these photos has me wanting more.

Sciarada said...

Ciao Laura, c'è bisogno di tempo per osservare i dettagli ed apprezzarne il senso, purtroppo nella freneticità del mondo di oggi non è facile ed è forse per questo che molti non vivono ma si lasciano vivere!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


Hi my friend! Your book is wonderfull, really like your job my dear...

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

--- woman
thank you :-)

--- Poetic Artist
I thank you for comming :-) see you

--- Carina Felice.Fotografías.
:-) Thank you dear Carina! Thanks a lot

--- Bitch
Thank you Monika, you are so nice!

--- Momo Luna
:-) thank you very much!!

--- Caio Fern
oh thank you Caio!

--- Rosemildo Sales Furtado
obrigado! nice to see you

--- Anthony Duce
thank you Anthony :-)

--- Sciarada
hai ragione...
grazie mille per la visita

Senioren-Lobby said...

Unser ganzes Leben besteht aus Erinnerungen, und es ist schön, wenn man sie hat!

Lieben Gruß

Jouir la vie said...

Erinnerungen sind kleine Zeitreisen in die Vergangenheit, ohne Zeitmaschine, einfach nur so...

Servus und so long

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

--- Senioren-Lobby
es ist so whar.. danke viels mals

--- Jouir la vie
:-) ja, danke lieber Kvelli

Tito said...

Grazie Laura per avermi fatto conoscere Crissant e il suo libro!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


é un piacere Tito

camino roque said...

sigo a Crissant
qué bueno!!!


Clint said...

Thank you for sharing, Laura. Very creative work. God bless.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

camino roque

y tiene razon.. es fantastica

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


I thank you Clint for your visit!

Leovi said...

I also am a follower of Crissant and I agree with everything you say.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


:-) I'm glad about! Thank you

Gudrun and Iris said...

nice one!!
say hi to our hometown vienna ;) hope you enjoy the snow and the christmas markets :)

TuristadiMestiere said...

condivido, la vita è fatta di dettagli. E di cassetti pieni dove ammucchiare ricordi che non si vogliono dimenticare

Rachel said...

Meine Liebe,

auch hier kann ich wieder schreiben, du bist die erste, wo ich es ausprobiere...und immer finde ich bei dir Wundervolles;-)

lieb, Rachel

Michele said...

ciao Michele pianetatempolibero

Manon Doyle said...

Thank you for sharing, Laura! That was a beautiful post!!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

--- Gudrun and Iris
ohhhhhhhhh I came to visit your blog!
hihihihi I like snow a lot!!
thank you for comming!

--- TuristadiMestiere
mi fa davvero molto piacere, grazie della visita mi fa sempre piacere vederti!

--- Rachel
Liebe Rachel ich freue mich so sehr dass alles funktioniert, danke

--- Michele
ciaoooooooooooooo, grazie della visita

--- Manon Doyle
Hi Manon! I thank you a lot!

Jean Spitzer said...

I like the pages over your paintings. well done!

Brian Sylvester said...


You are one of the giants of the blogospere...your talent and your generosity are warm and giving. I can feel it here!

Crissant is a dear and beautiful soul and the two of you joined as one is magic. Thank you!

Take good care, my friend,

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

--- Jean Spitzer
thank you Jean...

--- Brian Sylvester
oh thank you Brian, really thank you