Monday, 31 January 2011

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner experimented the new way of expression of that time; the photography

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was the most important figure that changed my vision of expression.
His work has had a great influence in my life and the way I have to express my self.

Kirchner, expression of depression, the evil of life, fragility or maybe just depth, too many questions about himself, about life, art, war, persecution, the getaways, Kirchner seriously ill, Kirchner crazy, Kirchner the drug addict, Kirchner also, someone has suggested, some sneak a pedophile.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner has experimented even the photography, the new way of expression of that time, and we can see how well his photos are full and soaked in expressive power and introspective, introspection that he gave to all his subjects.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Selfportrait

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Lina Franziska Fehrmann (Fränzi was Marcella's sister) 1910  

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Fränzi und Peter Fehrmann 1910

  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner -  Haus auf dem Wildboden, Davos, Frauenkirch, about 1924 

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Portrait of a young woman (Nele van de Velde?) 1920 

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Urseli Hunger (Davos Frauenkirch 1920)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Shepherds in the Stafelalp (Davos about 1919)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - View from Wildboden to Davos (1924)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Selfportrait


Clint said...

Great post. Thanks for reminding me of this genius. Kirchner led a troubled life, and ended his life with suicide in 1958.

His works are popular in U.S.museums. In 2006, his street scene "Berlin" sold for $38 million at auction.

all ways 11 o'clock said...

i am a little ashamed that i have not heard of the master Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. and on looking him up i feel i should look again and again.

Thank you Laura for bringing him to us.


Joop Zand said...

Really nice Laura.....well done.

regards, Joop

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
those amazing work

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

First, may I say how much I enjoyed your Vienna paintings, as well as, your Father's works.
I haven't written lately because you are blessed with so many people who love your work, sometimes everything that can be said has already been written-many times!
Rest assured, even though some of us don't write as often as we'd like to, we are still amazed and in awe of your dynamic explosions of color and energy.
And thanks for introducing the work of Mr. Kirchner to us. His photographs are truly great.

marty said...

look at this ! what a great post Laura !Kirchner a hard life but his photos are wonderful and his paintings too ! I can undestand that
he inspires your work !
I wish you a nice week Laura


Excelentes fotos....intensas. Gracias, Laura.

Michele said...

non sta certo a me dirlo (sono troppo piccolo, infinitesimo)ma le foto sono 'sublimi', bellissime
Da quello che hai scritto: un genio dalla vita travagliata, molto direi
buona serata
ciao Michele pianetatempolibero

Caio Fern said...

wonderful post ... really really wonderful .
I am glad you posted this ,dear Laura .

I think i am going to post on my tumblr 2 or 3 photos with link to your blog .


Jean Spitzer said...

Fascinating. Compelling images.

Jouir la vie said...

Diese Form der Tiefe, des starken Ausdrucks ist auch irgendwie nur durch s/w Fotos zu erreichen, denn so sind sie unverfälscht...

Sei lieb gegrüßt

Olivia said...

Merci Laura pour la profondeur de ce post. Magnifiques clichés que je ressens très fortement.
J'ai aussi beaucoup aimé tes peintures de Vienne toujours aussi expressives et merci de montrer le travail de ton papa.
Tu es une vraie partageuse, c'est un bonheur de suivre ton blog. Bises à la française ! Olivia.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post...I will definitely do more research on Kirchner to learn more about him. The black and white photos are so full of life and the undercurrents of emotion!

Anonymous said...

Laura this posting was so interesting that I am going to read it at least a few more times. Thank you so much for sharing "Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and the new way of expression of that time; the photography"...


Woman in a Window said...

Yes, I'm new to his work too, but all it took was that first self portrait and I'm hooked. Provocative somehow, or maybe it is evocative. Perhaps both.

Thanks for the introduction, Laura.


Two Tigers said...

Laura, mille grazie for sharing this artist with us! I am always happy to learn of a master I have somehow not found before! Those self-portraits! Everything you need to know about what was inside this man, for good or evil, is written in his eyes! All the best to you, dearest.

Brian Sylvester said...


Beautiful post and beautiful photos! Like you said, Kirchner had a lot of depth, and I can see that.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

Have a great week,

FacuZ said...

Me encanto!

Kirchner, el pintor que más me gusta, el que más me atrapa, más me transmite, ese expresionismo rabioso que me llena el corazon...

Voy a ver si me puedo traducir estas palabras, porque mi inglés es muy básico.

Te dejo un beso, enorme, desde Argentina.


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

--- Clint
:-) Hi Clint, I agree with you, he was a genius
thank you for comming

--- all ways 11 o'clock
Hi Robert! i'm really happy you like him, maybe I will made a post with his paintings too, but I wanted to posting his fotos, because the fotos are not so famous as his paintings...
thank you for comming

--- Joop Zand
Thank you!!

Hi my dear friend! It is a pleasure for me, thank you very much

--- Gary L. Everest Paintings
Hi Gary, I thank you so much for your words, yes I know what you are meaning... :-)
see you and thank once more

--- marty
thank you !!

gracias, é un plazer verte

---Michele pianetatempolibero
:-) grazie Michele, gli ultimi anni della sua vita Kirchner li ha vissuti a Davos, dove gli amici pittori del gruppo "Die Brücke" cercavano di aiutarlo economicamente, per mantenesri e curarsi, come vedi alcune foto sono appunto scattate a Davos e Frauenkirch, famosissimi sono anche i suoi quadri di qeull epoca trascora in svizzera, seguita purtroppo dal suo suicidio, li dipinse molte scene rurali e di pastori e montagne... tutti quadri di un espressionismo dirompente.
A Davos c'é il museo Kirchner, se ti capita di essere da quelle parti il museo merita una visita
grazieeee di essere passato di qui, ciao!

--- Caio Fern
oh caio thank you so much, I know that you like this work, and you are very kind to link it, thank you my friend you are fantastic

--- Jean Spitzer
thank youuu

--- Jouir la vie
thank you Kvelli!

--- Olivia
Oh Olivia, you are so kind with me, thank you very very much!!!

--- Theanne...
thank you, for me it is reall a pleasure

--- Art by JFM
:-) I thank you my dear, and I'm so sorry because I know my english is so baddd

--- Woman in a Window
... yes maybe both, you are right,
thank you my dear Erin, I'm glad that you liked this post

--- Two Tigers
:-) grazie a te cara Gabriella!!!
"Everything you need to know about what was inside this man, for good or evil, is written in his eyes!"
you are so right...

--- Brian Sylvester
thank you Brian, I'm happy you liked

--- FacuZ

Estoy muy contenta de que te sientes las cosas que siento yo a delante de Kirchner y soy tan feliz de haber publicado algunas de sus fotos porque son difíciles de encontrar... gracias

Bitch said...

Yes, thank you, Laura,
for bringing the portrait of a
big and wonderful artist.
I haven't heard about him..


AutumnLeaves said...

Fabulous photos, Laura. Thank you for teaching me something new today!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


thank you Monika :-)

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


Thank you very much

Miriam said...

Questo post e le immagini che hai postato hanno attirato moltissimo la mia attenzione e curiosità, peccato che hai deciso di postarlo solo in tedesco, è una tua scelta definitiva? Nel traduttore del tuo blog non c'è la traduzione per l' mancanza di ciò ho chiesto aiuto a Google...
Ciao Laura!!!

UIFPW08 said...

Le foto di una volta hanno sempre un fascino particolare grazie Lqaura per averne dato luce. Un abbraccio

Momo Luna said...

i have some books of Kirchner with his art, but i never saw his photographs. And they're wonderful. Also; i never saw a photo of him, or maybe i was so consumed with his art i never saw his photo in the books. :-s It brings new dimensions in me liking his work. Thank you!

sundersartwork said...

Well known child molester, they released letters he wrote showing his interest in young girls.