Thursday, 2 December 2010


Shots and digital processing by Laura Tedeschi 


Crissant said...

Yes....that´s what i´m talking about!!!!
And you`re still ASKING yourself if you have to lear something about photograph....
Laura, you´re wonderful!!


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


:-) ohhh Crissy thank you so much, your are wonderfull!!

thank you it is so nice for me to hear this from you, you know how much I estimate and I like you :-)))

Brian Sylvester said...


I had to look at the series for a second, and then I saw the ASK...what a very nice surprise! This is a very appealing piece and I love it!

Wising you all the best!

Take good care,

juanjofdez said...

Smiths!!! how good!

all ways 11 o'clock said...


I love this very much. It has sequence and word and blurred image. A portrait, a question to delve into.

On many levels it is great post.


Caio Fern said...

wonderful works .
i like when you surprise me .

and i was listening this song yesterday !!!

Anonymous said...

Totally Cool and wonderful!!
Will call Morrissey, see what he says ;)
Have a great evening!

Tito said...

Sei sempre sorprendente!! Bravissima Laura. Ciao e buona serata!

Leovi said...

With that mysterious enigmatic smiling face. Is it a self portrait? . I love The Smiths.

Valéry Lorenzo said...

The Smiths, what a good idea !
They're coming back !
"Nature is a language..."
3 interesting images.
They make me think about this :

and this

But don't ask me why ?
I'm going to listen to ask.
See you

Clint said...

As always, a most creative and thought-provoking post from you. Thank you, Laura!

Bob Bushell said...

It is a self portrait I think. It is beautiful.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Brian Sylvester

Thank you very much dear Brian!
I'm always so happy when you come here :-)

Thank good care of you too

see you

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


:-) I'm happy that you like!
thank you for comming

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

all ways 11 o'clock

oh Robert! To hear this from you... so great for me, thank you so much

Ana Manotas Cascos said...

Originales, me gustan.
Un abrazo

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Caio Fern

hihihihihi really happy to have surprised you!

thank you my friend

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


hehehhhe yes it would be nice!
Thank you, I'm really glad that you like this post

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


grazie Tito!!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


thank you! the smiths are great it is so true, they are part of our life!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Valéry Lorenzo

Thank you now I'm curios to see the links :-)

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...


I thank you Clint so much!!

see you

Olivia said...

Yes, Rock'n Paint !!!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Bob Bushell

thank you very much Bob!!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Ana Manotas Cascos


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...



Jean Spitzer said...

Wonderful, indeed.

Randy said...

Love the photos and The Smith just rounded out a wonderful post!

Amparo Cerveró said...


marty said...

Laura, tu es très créative ! c'est vraiment génial ! And I ASK myself
how can you find so many different ideas !
I hope a wonderful weekend for you

TuristadiMestiere said...

bella composizione, Laura, in effetti non è immediatamente lampante. Poi...poi emerge qull'ask...un potere creativo ed evocativo incredibile!

Bitch said...

Your self-portrait in every way
is wonderful.
I had to look twice, can you believe that?

Hugs, Monika

Denise Scaramai said...

ahhhh ho amato!
è stato così buono questa musica
con le splendide foto!
tempismo perfetto!

Anonymous said...

Ask and ask again and the answers will come. Never stop questioning and searching the true. Powerful and luminous images Laura, and somehow made me thing in the light inspiration casts when it arrives, or the light we see when we discover the truth.
Hugs and my best regards !!

Lucia B. said...

La tua creatività si esprime con molti mezzi, in molte direzioni, producendo immagini sempre affascinanti e piene di emozione. Questa tua imprevedibilità mi piace molto.
Bello il video degli Smiths, sono sempre stati fra i miei preferiti!

SKIZO said...


artebaiao said...

The truth is around!
Nice job!

Michele said...

divina! semplicemente divina!
quando vengo nel tuo blog sono certo che trovo qualcosa di divino!ciao Michele pianetatempolibero

Momo Luna said...

Oh Laura these photo's are wonderful!!! I love them very much. And just before i visit you here, i listened to the Smiths, is that a coincidence or what?
Great post....

Will you please mail me your adress? (you won a card or button)

Sweet greetz and xoxo for you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello!!

anybody home??

i know Iam late..but what some good photoes..very magical and dreamy!!

Wish a happy weekend for you and you must soon come with more paintings ok!!

Kisses and love from Norway:))

spottedwolf said...

Like a blurred interesting analogy of the 'inside'

Lozzano said...

¡Una maravillosa trilogía!.

Anonymous said...

Preciosos contrastes de luces y sombras. Un abrazo

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I want to thank you all, dear friends, with all my heart, and I apologize if I did not answer immediately, but I was away ...

thank you!! I love you all